February 17, 2014

So grateful to have met these two.  Watching how in love they are made my life better.
utah wedding photographer photo utahweddingphotographer01_zps581f7250.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo utahweddingphotographer02_zpsf8304236.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo utahweddingphotographer03_zpsb3a35ad2.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo utahweddingphotographer04_zpsaacdade1.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo utahweddingphotographer05_zps6420d2a7.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo utahweddingphotographer06_zps809d124f.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo utahweddingphotographer07_zps129a6bdc.jpg
utah wedding photography photo utahweddingphotographer08_zps8acc8d76.jpg
utah wedding photography photo utahweddingphotographer09_zps914750b5.jpg
utah wedding photography photo utahweddingphotographer10_zps42e6cf45.jpg
 photo utahweddingphotographer11_zps2e16ca92.jpg
utah wedding photography photo utahweddingphotographer12_zps2c02b901.jpg
 photo utahweddingphotographer13_zps22e1fc9e.jpg
utah wedding photography photo utahweddingphotographer14_zps04123ab7.jpg
utah wedding photography photo utahweddingphotographer15_zpsb7f33f99.jpg
utah wedding photography photo utahweddingphotographer16_zps9a55ab31.jpg
utah wedding photography photo utahweddingphotographer17_zps56624c73.jpg
utah wedding photography photo utahweddingphotographer18_zps26eea2d5.jpg

January 24, 2014

Meet my cousin Alex and her soon to be husband Steve.  Gosh they’re cute.

winter engagement utah photo winterengagementsessionutah02_zps4b29b22b.jpg
winter engagement utah photo winterengagementsessionutah03_zps40a45390.jpg
winter engagement utah photo winterengagementsessionutah04_zpsb6771bf9.jpg
winter engagement utah photo winterengagementsessionutah05_zpse8129067.jpg
winter engagement utah photo winterengagementsessionutah06_zpsebd06a4b.jpg
winter engagement utah photo winterengagementsessionutah07_zps8426f317.jpg
 photo winterengagementsessionutah08_zps0be631c8.jpg
winter engagement utah photo winterengagementsessionutah09_zps00637d27.jpg
winter engagement utah photo winterengagementsessionutah10_zpse86359fd.jpg
winter engagement utah photo winterengagementsessionutah12_zpsa21f5066.jpg
winter engagement utah photo winterengagementsessionutah11_zps7c0e9b27.jpgwinter engagement utah photo winterengagementsessionutah13_zpsc0f3dfbc.jpg
winter engagement utah photo winterengagementsessionutah14_zps2bace3b2.jpg
winter engagement utah photo winterengagementsessionutah15_zpsfbf44148.jpg
winter engagement utah photo winterengagementsessionutah16_zps9a738fc2.jpg
winter engagement utah photo winterengagementsessionutah17_zps5f7fc9f1.jpg
winter engagement utah photo winterengagementsessionutah18_zps88c3cb51.jpg
winter engagement utah photo winterengagementsessionutah19_zps512c37b0.jpg
winter engagement utah photo winterengagementsessionutah20_zps33eed1d7.jpg
winter engagement utah photo winterengagementsessionutah21_zps3e6bccc8.jpg
winter engagement utah photo winterengagementsessionutah22_zpsc83030eb.jpg
 photo winterengagementsessionutah23_zpse0cd4074.jpg
winter engagement utah photo winterengagementsessionutah24_zps9c8864ff.jpg
winter engagement utah photo winterengagementsessionutah01_zps6f746094.jpgwinter engagement utah photo winterengagementsessionutah25_zpsa103b480.jpg
winter engagement utah photo winterengagementsessionutah26_zpsb4ad313f.jpg
winter engagement utah photo winterengagementsessionutah27_zps6505c707.jpg
winter engagement utah photo winterengagementsessionutah28_zpsd7c4bfce.jpg
winter engagement utah photo winterengagementsessionutah30_zpsc1774950.jpgwinter engagement utah photo winterengagementsessionutah29_zps4422fab9.jpg

January 15, 2014

I came across a blog post today from another photographer that conducted a wonderful little experiment.  I’ve had this same experiment on my to do list for a few years now.  Thank you Amanda Jackson Photography for saving me the time and money of doing this for myself.

Please take a moment and check it out HERE.

When you book me to shoot your wedding you can rest assured that I am going to take a lot of time going through your photos.  If you only knew how much time I spent processing a wedding you would lock me up.  My goal is to not only have your photos look gorgeous online but also when they are a large canvas hanging above your bed or in your front room.  When I first started my business I would allow clients to print their own photos to display at their wedding if they chose to do so.  And did client’s ever choose this option?  You better believe it.  Then their wedding day would roll around and what would I see when I walked in?  Photos plastered everywhere with skin looking green, grey, orange, all sorts of unflattering colors.  That same skin that I spent some much time perfecting!  All that time and effort out the window.  That time and effort that my clients paid me for.  The beautiful sunsets that were just the right amount of orange without overtaking the photos were now over saturated and cheapened.  Did my clients mean for this to happen?  Were these amazing clients that just invested a few of their hard earned paychecks with me trying to ruin the photos?  No.  I think they saw an opportunity to save some money and took it not realizing how different the outcome would be.   I hadn’t taken the time to educate them.  It was my fault.   For this reason I now provide a pretty hefty print credit into my packages.  I want you to experience professional printing and know for sure what your prints should really look like.  Then after the wedding takes place and you receive the USB drive of your images you can print them wherever you would like.  Can you take them to you a drugstore?  You betcha.  But if they come back looking completely different from the images that you had printed from me prior to your wedding with your print credit you’ll know that it’s not the images themselves, it’s the printing.  You will have the knowledge to make an informed decision and that, my friends, makes me very happy.

Now, if you didn’t click on the link before here it is again.  Please take a look.  http://www.amandajacksonphoto.com/2014/01/13/pro-prints-vs-drugstore-prints-it-does-matter/

Let’s keep images like this looking like this with all their subtleties of color and tone:

utah wedding photographerutah wedding photographer utah wedding photographer la caille utah wedding

Thanks for reading.

xoxo, Camilla

January 14, 2014

Bringing a little sizzle to my winter.
fashion photographer utah photo moabutahphotographer01_zps9528baf4.jpg
moab utah photographer photo moabutahphotographer02_zps74fa41c1.jpg
fashion photographer utah photo moabutahphotographer03_zpsc5f94d07.jpg
fashion photographer utah photo moabutahphotographer04_zps24ce2f5d.jpg
fashion photographer utah photo moabutahphotographer05_zps3529a79d.jpg
fashion photographer utah photo moabutahphotographer06_zps1fcc0098.jpg

January 13, 2014

The result of a little creative collaboration between my sweet friend Kandis and I. 

Hair and Makeup by:  Red Scarlett Makeup Artistry

ice princess utah fashion photographer photo utahfashionphotographer01_zps463c19c8.jpg
ice princess utah fashion photographer photo utahfashionphotographer02_zps238b70dc.jpg
snow princess utah fashion photographer photo utahfashionphotographer03_zps1e7b382b.jpg
snow princess utah fashion photographer photo utahfashionphotographer04_zpsb1d84984.jpg
ice princess utah fashion photographer photo utahfashionphotographer05_zps18e7765b.jpg
snow princess utah fashion photographer photo utahfashionphotographer06_zps2f7d8abf.jpg
snow princess utah fashion photographer photo utahfashionphotographer07_zps99932932.jpg
snow queen utah fashion photographer photo utahfashionphotographer08_zpsbaa14af3.jpg
snow queen utah fashion photographer photo utahfashionphotographer09_zps902e336b.jpg
snow princess utah fashion photographer photo utahfashionphotographer10_zps2c9abcef.jpg
snow queen utah fashion photographer photo utahfashionphotographer11_zps7c0c5afb.jpg
snow queen utah fashion photographer photo utahfashionphotographer12_zps36014cb7.jpg
ice crown photo utahfashionphotographer13_zpsa2eb2dce.jpg
snow queen utah fashion photographer photo utahfashionphotographer14_zpsa567dc2c.jpg
ice crown photo utahfashionphotographer15_zpse4d3a41d.jpg
ice crown photo utahfashionphotographer16_zps66941d4c.jpg
ice princess utah fashion photographer photo utahfashionphotographer17_zps62e8ef2d.jpg

December 31, 2013

I’m not quite sure I have the words to describe how I feel about this styled wedding.  I’ve loved VELOUR ever since I first laid my eyes on it.  It has this amazing mood and that dim lighting that I adore.  Although I do love a soft and vintage wedding now and again it’s this moody style that my soul longs for and that most represents my style as an artist.  This shoot is dear to my heart and I will always be thankful to the amazing team that helped me bring it to life.

Cake:  Layers Cakes

Gown:  Avenia Bridal

Event Rentals:  Diamond Rental

Hair and Makeup:  Versa Artistry

Florals:  Flower Afternoon

Invitations and table numbers: Champagne Press

Venue:  Velour Live Music Gallery

Coordinator:  Silvia Carvalho

Models: Tony Priego and Eliza Johns

utah wedding photographer photo velourweddingbycamillabinks001_zps4111534c.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo velourweddingbycamillabinks002_zps5f02068a.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo velourweddingbycamillabinks003_zps0075ff4c.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo velourweddingbycamillabinks004_zps2093fbbe.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo velourweddingbycamillabinks005_zps679af6d7.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo velourweddingbycamillabinks006_zpsf4d2ced2.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo velourweddingbycamillabinks007_zps7a3f60cc.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo velourweddingbycamillabinks008_zpse9438f41.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo velourweddingbycamillabinks009_zpse1c4ab25.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo velourweddingbycamillabinks010_zps00a11bb0.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo velourweddingbycamillabinks011_zpsb0542d7c.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo velourweddingbycamillabinks012_zps7b45a99b.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo velourweddingbycamillabinks013_zps2a8c5d0f.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo velourweddingbycamillabinks014_zps38989898.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo velourweddingbycamillabinks015_zpsbc954497.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo velourweddingbycamillabinks016_zps68312036.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo velourweddingbycamillabinks017_zps4bc1037a.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo velourweddingbycamillabinks018_zps995f7f10.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo velourweddingbycamillabinks019_zps898bb53b.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo velourweddingbycamillabinks020_zps4f032d6e.jpg
utah wedding photographerutah wedding photographer photo velourweddingbycamillabinks021_zpsaeb9dd85.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo velourweddingbycamillabinks022_zps889ff3dd.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo velourweddingbycamillabinks023_zpsafad231d.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo velourweddingbycamillabinks024_zpsa09b251e.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo velourweddingbycamillabinks025_zps9b832b7e.jpg
utah wedding photo velourweddingbycamillabinks026_zpsb85d09e0.jpg
utah wedding photo velourweddingbycamillabinks027_zps06f627c4.jpg
utah wedding photo velourweddingbycamillabinks028_zps9f2e0af2.jpg
utah wedding photo velourweddingbycamillabinks029_zpsfc2c36cf.jpg
utah wedding photo velourweddingbycamillabinks030_zps295ecd4f.jpg
utah wedding photo velourweddingbycamillabinks031_zps16af15f6.jpg
utah wedding photo velourweddingbycamillabinks032_zps500bdb90.jpg
utah hipster wedding photo velourweddingbycamillabinks033_zps029f6509.jpg
utah hipster wedding photo velourweddingbycamillabinks034_zps4bd5a3ab.jpg
utah hipster wedding photo velourweddingbycamillabinks035_zpsd56dd76f.jpg
utah wedding photo velourweddingbycamillabinks036_zps06d4b4be.jpg
amazing utah wedding photo velourweddingbycamillabinks037_zps48568e8a.jpg
amazing utah wedding photo velourweddingbycamillabinks038_zps36607149.jpg
dreamy utah wedding photo velourweddingbycamillabinks039_zpsef33adca.jpg
utah wedding photo velourweddingbycamillabinks040_zps4f361c52.jpg
 photo velourweddingbycamillabinks041_zpsd1ca83e9.jpg

I hope you all have a rockin New Years Eve!  Thank you for sticking with me through 2013.  Here’s to 2014, the best year yet!

December 16, 2013

I had the opportunity to shoot for the Clique boutique earlier this year.  I love looking back at these and remembering what the warm sun felt like on my skin.
If you’re looking for some great new outfits or accessories you can find the Clique Boutique HERE or on Facebook HERE.   Check back in 2014 to see some updates to their website. 
utah fashion photographer photo fashionphotographerutah001_zps29bfa1fa.jpg
utah fashion photographer photo fashionphotographerutah002_zps4fe70f68.jpg
utah fashion photographer photo fashionphotographerutah003_zpsaaab889f.jpg
utah fashion photographer photo fashionphotographerutah004_zps1bfb0433.jpg
utah fashion photographer photo fashionphotographerutah005_zps6a2b28ac.jpg
utah fashion photographer photo fashionphotographerutah006_zps02f2cf94.jpg
utah fashion photographer photo fashionphotographerutah007_zps614b648c.jpg
utah fashion photographer photo fashionphotographerutah008_zps6cddbbb8.jpg
utah fashion photographer photo fashionphotographerutah009_zps17ea75b2.jpg
utah fashion photographer photo fashionphotographerutah010_zps912d9aa3.jpg
utah fashion photographer photo fashionphotographerutah011_zpsb61b72f0.jpg
utah fashion photographer photo fashionphotographerutah012_zps2876c31d.jpg
utah lookbook photographer photo fashionphotographerutah013_zpsb197e3aa.jpg
utah lookbook photographer photo fashionphotographerutah014_zps2aa5ad08.jpg
utah lookbook photographer photo fashionphotographerutah015_zps2bd5d330.jpg
utah lookbook photographer photo fashionphotographerutah016_zps6444d780.jpg
utah lookbook photographer photo fashionphotographerutah017_zps3437039b.jpg
utah lookbook photographer photo fashionphotographerutah018_zpsd9478c68.jpg
utah lookbook photographer photo fashionphotographerutah019_zpsb9adada0.jpg
utah lookbook photographer photo fashionphotographerutah020_zpsacccbeac.jpg
utah lookbook photographer photo fashionphotographerutah021_zps2d917538.jpg
utah lookbook photographer photo fashionphotographerutah022_zps34b11405.jpg
utah photographer photo fashionphotographerutah023_zps00358e9c.jpg
utah photographer photo fashionphotographerutah025_zps56d5e6a3.jpgutah photographer photo fashionphotographerutah024_zpsbccc727e.jpg
utah photographer photo fashionphotographerutah026_zps29b7c6df.jpg
utah photographer photo fashionphotographerutah027_zps66d22e6c.jpg
utah photographer photo fashionphotographerutah028_zps33757fd4.jpg
fashion boutique photographer utah photo fashionphotographerutah029_zpsaf62f095.jpg
fashion boutique photographer utah photo fashionphotographerutah030_zpsf06f3b3c.jpg
fashion boutique photographer utah photo fashionphotographerutah031_zpse2ee8b40.jpg
fashion boutique photographer utah photo fashionphotographerutah032_zps7d9e6036.jpg
fashion boutique photographer utah photo fashionphotographerutah033_zps4648d1df.jpg
fashion boutique photographer utah photo fashionphotographerutah034_zpsde6c8d3b.jpg
fashion boutique photographer utah photo fashionphotographerutah035_zps1a0b37e6.jpg
fashion boutique photographer utah photo fashionphotographerutah036_zps6023e784.jpg
fashion boutique photographer utah photo fashionphotographerutah037_zpsc046e8d5.jpg
fashion boutique photographer utah photo fashionphotographerutah038_zps83614278.jpg
fashion boutique photographer utah photo fashionphotographerutah039_zpsdda45341.jpg
fashion boutique photographer utah photo fashionphotographerutah040_zpsf7a649ba.jpg

December 2, 2013

I love a rainy day at the Salt Lake Temple.
salt lake temple wedding photo saltlaketemplewedding01_zps0c3c7951.jpg
salt lake temple wedding photo saltlaketemplewedding02_zpse4eea79f.jpg
salt lake temple wedding photo saltlaketemplewedding03_zps972f86af.jpg
salt lake temple wedding photo saltlaketemplewedding04_zps25b91230.jpg
salt lake temple wedding photo saltlaketemplewedding05_zpsa0da1476.jpg
salt lake temple wedding photo saltlaketemplewedding06_zpsfaa9b992.jpg
salt lake temple wedding photo saltlaketemplewedding07_zpsa38355c4.jpg
salt lake temple wedding photo saltlaketemplewedding08_zps6c3f3d59.jpg
salt lake temple wedding photo saltlaketemplewedding09_zps27e68c53.jpg
salt lake temple wedding photo saltlaketemplewedding10_zps3c557304.jpg
salt lake temple wedding photo saltlaketemplewedding11_zpsafaa18a1.jpg
salt lake wedding photo saltlaketemplewedding12_zpsdcd6b721.jpg
salt lake wedding photo saltlaketemplewedding13_zps71039bf6.jpg
salt lake wedding photo saltlaketemplewedding14_zps2b6cfcf1.jpg
salt lake wedding photo saltlaketemplewedding15_zps7d9e0e33.jpg
salt lake wedding photo saltlaketemplewedding16_zpsbffb8531.jpg
salt lake wedding photo saltlaketemplewedding17_zpse3a18ea0.jpg
 photo saltlaketemplewedding18_zps5ee64988.jpg
salt lake wedding photo saltlaketemplewedding19_zpsc8441da2.jpg
salt lake wedding photo saltlaketemplewedding20_zps53aae422.jpg
Open House in Bountiful:
bountiful utah wedding photo saltlaketemplewedding22_zps0cc33931.jpg
bountiful utah wedding photo saltlaketemplewedding23_zpsf6589936.jpg
bountiful utah wedding photo saltlaketemplewedding24_zps22e9f0ad.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding25_zps684389bf.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding26_zps135c0a66.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding27_zps03ddad77.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding28_zpsf21946bb.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding29_zpsf28d4953.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding30_zpsa594f2fd.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding31_zps099daf3d.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding32_zps5bf84dda.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding33_zpsecf66b25.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding34_zps0664068f.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding35_zps0e2b5987.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding36_zps36c8bff1.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding37_zpsc94ab115.jpg
Open House in Amalga:
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding39_zps325c4406.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding40_zps1f04d91c.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding41_zpsc00c2fc5.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding42_zps9ce905f7.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding43_zps6835b38e.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding47_zpsae177edc.jpgutah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding44_zpsc6155099.jpgutah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding45_zpsaa42a612.jpgutah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding46_zps49b1f0d6.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding48_zps529c41f1.jpgutah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding49_zpsf062d03b.jpgutah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding50_zps19802489.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding51_zpsfa1a45e3.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding52_zps6d19320e.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding53_zps4ae9d90a.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding54_zps2cb418cd.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding55_zps56421cd9.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding56_zps65d7a3ae.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding57_zpsc9ed7826.jpg
 photo saltlaketemplewedding58_zpsf59287e1.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding59_zps9005bf6c.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding60_zpsa2af362d.jpg
utah wedding photographer photo saltlaketemplewedding61_zps271da4ef.jpg

November 23, 2013

cover photographer utah photo coverphotographerutah01_zpsa5a899ec.jpg
cover photographer utah photo coverphotographerutah02_zps87d5c4da.jpg
cover photographer utah photo coverphotographerutah03_zps8fca118a.jpg
cover photographer utah photo coverphotographerutah04_zpsb789aad3.jpg
cover photographer utah photo coverphotographerutah05_zps39d27eee.jpg
cover photographer utah photo coverphotographerutah06_zpsb9f4b62f.jpg
Hair and Makeup:  Versa Artistry

cover photographer utah photo utahfashionphotographer_zps3f8f4d61.jpg