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Lighting Your Wedding Reception.

December 15, 2010

Hello!!  I hope everyone is having a beautiful December so far!   I am!  I haven’t purchased one Christmas gift yet (other than one for myself)  but that’s just my style and I’m good with that.  Don’t judge.

ANYWAY I wanted to do a quick post today to chat about lighting for your wedding reception.  I know I’ve posted on this before and I don’t want to sound repetitive but this is SO important to me so I’ll risk it. 😉

Take a look at the following reception images taken by Kelly Moore.  Don’t you love them?  What is it that draws you to them?  I know for me personally, the thing that takes these photos to the next level is the amazing lighting in each one. Kelly has done an amazing  job capturing emotions and you can tell she also has brought some of her own lighting, however, all of the beautiful colored lighting was already there ready for her to photograph.  How beautiful!

Here are a few more I just pulled off of google (these are not my images).

Ah.  I love it!

For my Utah brides, I know that it’s not super easy to find a company in Utah to light your reception.  I did find one this week though as I was searching online.  It’s called Gateway Productions.  You can view their site here:

I know budgets are tight for some of us and we have to pick and choose the things that you are going to splurge on and the things that you are going to skimp on.  If I were getting married again, I would put my money into

– Photography

–  My gown

– Awesome lighting (especially in the dark winter months and for an indoor reception).  If I got married in the summer I would take advantage of the beautiful natural light and have my reception outdoors.

– I would definitely have Enizio do my hair and makeup.  I regret not having my makeup done on my wedding day.

Things I would try to save money on:

-Flowers.  And by that I don’t mean Florist.  I would hire a FABULOUS florist BUT I would use seasonal flowers.  I even saw a winter wedding the other day where the centerpieces and bouquets were make from pinecones.  Cute and SUPER cost effective!  I mean pinecones are all over the place for goodness sakes. Pick some up!  I would have less expensive flowers but I  would have a TON of them everywhere.

-My shoes.  I would buy a pair of less expensive shoes and embellish them myself.  I’ve seen so many brides do this on wedding blogs.  Love it!

-Favors.  I would make these myself.  Yummy homemade jam in cute little mason jars?  There are so many cute things you could do.   Just check one of the million great wedding blogs like Green Wedding Shoes, Style me Pretty, Snippit and Ink, Grey Likes Weddings, The Wedding Chicks, Le Frufru, etc.  They have so many ideas that are adorable and totally DIY.

-Bridesmaids gifts.  Again, you can make something and it will mean so much to your friends and family.  More than buying something would.

-I would borrow more and enlist more help from my friends.  Everyone knows someone that would be happy to let them borrow their stuff.  You could borrow a bunch of cute sofas to create seating for your outdoor summer reception.  Maybe you know someone who is awesome at calligraphy.  Ask them to help you make some cute signs.  Maybe you know someone who owns a typewriter.  Ask them to let you use it and get some index cards so people can type you some cute message and advice for you to keep.  We all know people.  Let’s use their skills!  People are usually flattered and happy to help if you will just ask.

What are your thoughts?  What things would you place at the top of your budget and which things you pinch pennies on?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Know of another company that does a great job with lighting?  Leave their info for us in the comment section.

  1. Silvia

    December 16th, 2010 at

    Great advice. Lighting makes the ambiance and the mood of an event. Great post.