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January 15, 2014

I came across a blog post today from another photographer that conducted a wonderful little experiment.  I’ve had this same experiment on my to do list for a few years now.  Thank you Amanda Jackson Photography for saving me the time and money of doing this for myself.

Please take a moment and check it out HERE.

When you book me to shoot your wedding you can rest assured that I am going to take a lot of time going through your photos.  If you only knew how much time I spent processing a wedding you would lock me up.  My goal is to not only have your photos look gorgeous online but also when they are a large canvas hanging above your bed or in your front room.  When I first started my business I would allow clients to print their own photos to display at their wedding if they chose to do so.  And did client’s ever choose this option?  You better believe it.  Then their wedding day would roll around and what would I see when I walked in?  Photos plastered everywhere with skin looking green, grey, orange, all sorts of unflattering colors.  That same skin that I spent some much time perfecting!  All that time and effort out the window.  That time and effort that my clients paid me for.  The beautiful sunsets that were just the right amount of orange without overtaking the photos were now over saturated and cheapened.  Did my clients mean for this to happen?  Were these amazing clients that just invested a few of their hard earned paychecks with me trying to ruin the photos?  No.  I think they saw an opportunity to save some money and took it not realizing how different the outcome would be.   I hadn’t taken the time to educate them.  It was my fault.   For this reason I now provide a pretty hefty print credit into my packages.  I want you to experience professional printing and know for sure what your prints should really look like.  Then after the wedding takes place and you receive the USB drive of your images you can print them wherever you would like.  Can you take them to you a drugstore?  You betcha.  But if they come back looking completely different from the images that you had printed from me prior to your wedding with your print credit you’ll know that it’s not the images themselves, it’s the printing.  You will have the knowledge to make an informed decision and that, my friends, makes me very happy.

Now, if you didn’t click on the link before here it is again.  Please take a look.

Let’s keep images like this looking like this with all their subtleties of color and tone:

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Thanks for reading.

xoxo, Camilla