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Should We Have A First Look Before The Ceremony?

February 2, 2017

This is a question I’m asked almost daily.  And I love that bride’s are opening their minds to new options!  So here’s my answer for all you lovely brides considering this for yourself.

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Yes.  I personally AM a fan of first looks because of how private, sweet, and romantic they are. BUT please know that I would never want any of my couples to feel pressured to go with this option. I do however, want my couples to have the best wedding experience possible and I feel that happens when my brides and grooms are given every possible option available so they can decide what would work best for them. Please remember that my goal is to make sure YOU ARE HAPPY! THAT’S ALL I WANT! So as you read about a first look and consider your options, make sure you do what speaks to you!

Everyone knows that wedding days are a bit stressful for the bride and groom. The whole day is focused on them. They’re focused on the schedule, how they look, if the guests are being taken care of… did I remember the ring?  And now you’re walking down the isle and all eyes are on you, watching your every move.  It’s a BEAUTIFUL moment, but I wouldn’t call it an intimate or relaxed one.  There are a lot of expectations for that moment.

During a first look, without having to worry about everyone else and what they expect, the groom will be able to be HIM. And once you eliminate those expectations, you eliminate the nerves and the stress of the moment. And once you eliminate that, you get raw, REAL emotions that are free to be expressed. And then in that quiet, sweet, intimate moment, you can share your first look.

Imagine the setting. No expectations, no onlookers, no distractions. Your groom is standing there, with his back turned to you as you walk close to him. You quietly call his name. He turns around and sees his beautiful bride, the love of his life, for the first time. He can take it all in; her dress, her hair, her gorgeous face. There’s no noise from the crowd, no distractions. Just the two of you. He can hug his bride, kiss her, hold her. There’s no one there to rush you, the time is yours. You can twirl, you can talk, you can laugh, you can wipe away tears. You can then move into romantic portraits. Can you imagine what those portraits will look like after that moment you just shared just the two of you?

Finding this time to be alone together on your big day is absolutely priceless.  And doing it before the wedding, when you are free of stress, alone, and still filled with all that anticipation, is something you will cherish.


After your romantic portraits are done, you are then free to meet up with your best friends, your bridal party and take fun photos with them without the stress of any guests waiting for you at cocktail hour. Bridesmaids are dressed and ready to help touch up the bride.  No one rushing, all is calm and fun.  And your bridal party all feel like VIP’s because they get to share some fun moments with you before you head down to say I do.

Then when it is time to walk down the isle, there’s your groom.  He’s not nervous, he’s just so happy and excited.  He’s relaxed and smiling and thinking about the amazing moment he had with the love of his life, his BEST FRIEND.
Gosh she looks STUNNING! I’m the luckiest guy!

Now again, please don’t feel like I’m pressuring you. Yes, I’m a big fan of first looks because of the reasons I just described, but I also understand that many couples like to keep things traditional and have their family around for that first look. I also understand that after reading this, you might still want to share that first look as you’re walking down the aisle in the presence of your guests. I completely get it! What I want is for my brides and grooms to have the perfect wedding experience, which is why I want to share all available options so that you can make the best decision for you. Do what makes you happy. This is YOUR day! And that is what matters most.

I hope this information was helpful.

If you have any other questions, please leave a comment below and I’ll get to them as soon as possible.

Xo and happy planning!