Now that you know a bit about me, I'd love to hear a bit about you and your special day.  Since your photographer will likely spend more time with you on your wedding day than anyone else, it's important to make sure that we're a good fit.  So please don't be shy. Tell me about yourself and your vision for your day.

Thanks for stopping by.  I'm honored you'd consider having me as your photographer.  

I picked up my first Canon camera with the intent to document love and beauty back in 2006 and have had a camera in my hand ever since.  Throughout that time, I've been lucky enough to document over 250 weddings in all types of locations and weather.  I learned early on how important lighting was to achieving the photos my clients and I dedicated hundreds of hours to the study of light.  I developed my own lighting method that I now teach to photographers worldwide and use to ensure that not a moment is missed at any wedding come rain or shine. 

15 years later and I still remember the love story of every couple I've ever worked with and still get just as excited to hear new ones. 

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