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Early Access – Off Camera Flash Course

Do you struggle to light receptions easily and consistently?

Does your flash stress you out?

If so, I feel you.

That was me my first 3 years in business.  Dark receptions were so stressful to me that I almost quit photography.  I felt like I was doing my couples a disservice and missing moments at receptions, but I didn’t know how to fix it.

Until 2010 when I developed my simple, one light system and overnight my receptions photos went from something I was ashamed of, to something I could not wait to show my clients.

I started responding to my inquiries with links to view FULL galleries and my prices more than doubled and my booking rate jumped through the roof.  But more importantly, I felt so proud to deliver galleries to clients, full of well lit emotion, knowing that I didn’t miss a beat, and had so much fun while doing it.  Receptions are now my favorite part of a wedding day.  And when I enter a dark room, I do a little happy dance, because I know that I’m going to rock it every time.

If this is you, then hooray!  I’m thrilled for you.

But if you don’t feel like you’re quite to this point, then please let me help you.

I’ve created a Lighting Course/Facebook Group to be a place where I share everything I know about off camera flash.  In the group you’ll find videos explaining:

  • Why I use off camera flash and what my one light setup is.
  • Understanding flash and camera settings and how they work together  (once you understand this, using flash is SO EASY!  As a professional wedding photographer, you need to know this!).
  • Lighting individuals, details, couples, groups, etc.
  • How to be prepared for everything!  Cake cutting, grand entrance, sparkler exit, dancing, etc.
  • How to work quickly and never miss a moment.
  • How off camera flash makes editing a breeze because the photos look great and consistent SOOC.

And you’ll have access to the group for 12 months!

Not only can you re-watch the videos, but you’ll have me as your personal lighting coach for a full year.  You can come post photos for critique, ask questions to help you prepare for upcoming weddings and so much more.

Although the the group and videos are ready now, the official launch of the course will be in October when my new website is ready.  The price will be $500 from October-December and then $750 starting Jan 1st.

But for those of you that want in NOW, you can get early access, and get everything when the group opens THIS FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 14TH (other than a fancy shopping cart) for just $350.  That’s more than 50% off the 2019 price!

To do so, simply email me at and say “I want in!”

See you there!

Much love,