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*TruKChik* Summer Utah Engagement.

I met Sadie about a year ago at a family function.  She had been dating my cousin, Scott, and they were crazy about each other.  The night after I met her she added me on Facebook.  As time went on I would see her updates on my FB homepage, and aside from seeing how totally obsessed she and Scott were with each other (awh, melt my heart!)  I also realized the word *TruKChiK* all over the place.  Time went on and we began texting as well.  That’s when I realized that she also signs her texts with *TruKChiK*.   Hmmm, I wonder if she likes trucks? Just a short time later Scott officially proposed and it came time to plan a place to shoot their engagements.  Surprise!  I picked a place with a truck.


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  1. Ann-Marie says:

    Camila these pictures are AMAZING!! you picked the perfect location – thanks so much!

  2. Shannon says:

    I am a good friend of Ann-Marie’s and love these photos! I am always blown away by your talent – you are AMAZING!

  3. Brittany Davis says:

    These are so cute! And you do mentoring sessions?? Where do I sign up??

  4. Silvia says:

    Very nice!!! Love the location you picked!