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What To Wear For Your Engagement Photos

Planning what to wear for your engagement photos can be a challenge. Luckily, my favorite stylist, Erica of @stay__co has come through with some helpful tips to simply the process. Follow these steps and you’ll be sure that your engagement photos look great now as well as years into the future.

1. Color pallet-

I would hope you are investing a good amount into these photos so you want them to last for more than a season. Bold color pallets fade. I got married nearly 10 years ago and will tell you, the fad was bright red and black. Need I say more? I’m not saying you have to wear white or grey. If you like a little bit of color pick an undertone or something in the earth-tone family and put the pops of color in minimal parts like the shoes.  That way when you want to hang your photos in your first home together 2 years later the colors aren’t an eye sore on your wall. 

2. Find the elevated you-

When I was getting married I feel like culturally it was the thing to wear really casual everyday clothing and stand by a tree(don’t worry we didn’t.) I’m not saying to go crazy and wear something over the top (that can wait for your wedding day) but splurge a little and buy something that isn’t everyday. Elevate your everyday style. If You feel like your everyday style Is more laid back and casual, stay true to your self but splurge on the things that matter. Maybe buy more refine materials to add some class. Splurge on that linen or silk blouse and those brass hoops. 

3. Matching-

If you are in blush that doesn’t mean he needs to be in a blush tie. Make sure the colors he is wearing are complimentary to the colors you are wearing but if he looks better in all one color head to toe and you want to be wearing a totally different color than him with a pop on top of it, that is okay! If you are choosing gradient colors than everything should blend well. 

Bonus: location, location, location! 

Pick a location that is special to you and let the textures and elements of that location inspire your wardrobe. Choose colors that are complimentary to the tones at the location but don’t over think it too much! 

OR hire a wardrobe stylist so you don’t have to think about anything but getting there. 

Photo credits: Pinterest 

  1. Silvia says:

    Beautiful post. This is so important. I’ve seen some engagement pics out there that could have been so beautiful but the couple’s clothes just make it odd and unflattering. Great advice!